To work more effectively, the Parish Council has a number of working groups, who work on particular issues and make recommendations to the Council, where all the decisions are made.

Each working group has a chairperson and ‘Terms of Reference’ which outline what the working group in question will try to achieve. These are usually updated annually and the latest plan is available from the Parish Council Clerk by email. Working groups can be formed or closed whenever issues arise or are resolved.

Communications: This group works to improve how the Parish Council shares information and news with the community.

Finance: This group works to ensure that the Parish Council’s finances are managed effectively and transparently.

Policy Review: This group works to ensure that the Parish Council has all appropriate policies and is implementing them effectively.

Management of Pavilion, Sports, Recreation Ground, Warden and Village Environment: this group oversees the Parish Council’s work to maintain and improve the village amenities and environment.

Pavilion Project Development: this group is developing the new sports pavilion, due for completion April 2020.

Playground: this group works to maintain the village playground.

Business/Broadband: this group works to improve business and broadband facilities for the village.

Staffing Committee: This group meets as needed, for example to interview new staff members.

Climate Change WG: To look at ways to see how the PC can make a difference to climate change.


Chairman: Vince Picton


Chairman: Julian Taunton

Policy Review

Chairman: Tim Parsons

Pavilion Management/Sports/Environment

Chairman: James Dickson


Chairman: Pandora Able Smith

Staffing Committee

Chairman: Pandora Able Smith