Parish councils exist in all parts of Dacorum outside Hemel Hempstead. Parishes may run some local services such as allotments, playing fields and village halls. Parish councils are asked for their opinion on planning applications or on any issue which might have an impact on the parish.
All parishes employ a clerk and some have a parish or town council office. To pay for this and any other expenses, a sum called a parish precept or parish tax is added to the Council Tax of people who live in the relevant area.
Parish councillors are elected by their parish and must comply with the council’s Code of Conduct. This states how a member conducts the business of the authority, conducts the business of the office to which the person has been elected/appointed or acts as a representative of the authority.
Councillors must register financial and other interests within 28 days of election and declare relevant interests at all parish council meetings.

You can view a list of Parish Councillors and see the register of interests for each HERE