Vince Picton


I joined The Parish Council in May 2015 having lived in the village for 11 years. I run Unity Metrix Ltd, a Cyber-Security company and I have a penchant for fiddling with guitars, studying martial arts and a love for travel. I wanted to give something back to the community that I love so much and I enjoy delivering solutions to the many local challenges presented every month.

I would like to see improved engagement with Parishioners and to fully embrace the hand that we are being dealt by central government; if they want local councils to take on more responsibility then let’s do it, let us decide what makes the Parish so great and do more of that!

I think it is a shame that small communities seem to be less and less community-spirited these days and I am committed to doing whatever I can in order to help maintain and improve community relations within The Parish. I believe that the council should play a key role in encouraging, supporting and augmenting sports and social clubs, fairs and other events, activities for children etc. inasmuch as we have the power to do so.

I am also one of the neighbourhood watch coordinators for the village and pleased to note that our crime rates are comparatively very low.

Caroline Freer


I have been the Clerk since 2006 and during this time I have had the privilege to work with many councillors and what never ceases to amaze me is their commitment to making Flamstead a better place in which to live.

My role is very different; I am responsible for the financial welfare of the Parish, all the meeting related administration, the compliance status of the council, plus assisting with the new pavilion project, designing the playground, liaising with DBC and HCC to mention a few. I have also attended many training sessions and gained a recognised qualification (CiLCA).

Tim Parsons

Tim has lived in Flamstead for over twenty years, with his wife Sarah and their three daughters.
Tim and his family have great affection for the village and whilst it must never be resistant to embracing the modern world, it must work hard to preserve its rich and much loved heritage.
Working to ensure this balance is maintained is why Tim volunteered to sit on the Parish Council and why he continues to be involved in a wide range of village issues.

Sandra Clark

I wanted to become a Councillor so that I may contribute in a positive way to the village that I love and have been part of for some 40 years and felt that although very involved with Playschool and PTA I had not really contributed in a meaningful way for some years, this is my chance to give something back to the community again.
One of my key goals is to work with everyone – Councillors and Community alike to make the sports pavilion a great facility for the village once more. I am also keen to help with the rural community group to ensure that the essence of our village is maintained for future generations.
I love our village because it has such a great sense of community, not in an over bearing way, just in the sense that you always feel that whatever happens in the ups and downs of life there will support from fellow villagers, even if it’s just saying hello to people you know in the shop, the pub or on the street. There are not many places left in our area that can genuinely say this, and that is what makes Flamstead so special, that and the truly beautiful countryside in which our village sits.

Jane Timmis

Dave Humphreys

Tony Smith

Samantha Kent

Nancy Wild

David Boothman

Parish Council Elections took place in April 2019. New councillor profiles will be added soon